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I have been looking for a Throttle Control Handle that would allow me to keep my hands on The throttle and Control grip for the majority of electrical function I may need to turn on and off. There is a new grip on the market called the "RAPTOR". Aircraft Spruce should be advertising it and selling it before July 1st of 2014. The handle. The dimensions are 1.87 inches tall. 2.9 inches wide and 2.4 inches long. It fastens with 2  10-32 threaded screw holes on the bottom of the unit.




·        Made to Military grade specs, very  robust design

·        Manufactured from Solid Billet Aluminum Stock 6060-T6

·        Serviceable / Removable Top Cover

·        Ergonomically Designed for Left hand

·        Minimum 5 Electrical Functions using SPST Switched

o   Up to 10 Functions with DPDT Switches

o   Additional Switch holes can be added on Back side

o   General Switch controls

§  Elec Ign #1  (ON / OFF)

§  Elec Ign # 2 (ON / OFF)

§  Starter Button (Momentary)      

§  Eng Prime  (Momentary)

§  Speed Brakes or Flaps Up & Down (ON  OFF ON)

§  Fuel Pump (ON / OFF)

§  Smoke System (ON  OFF  MOM)

§  AP Disengage (Momentary)

§  Xponder Ident (Momentary)

§  GPS Enter (Momentary)

§  Lndg Lt  (ON / OFF)

§  Strobe Lts (ON / OFF)

§  Nav Lts (ON / OFF)

§  Pitot Ht (ON / OFF)

§  Frequency Swap (Momentary)

§  Alarm / Master Caution Reset (Momentary)

·        Designed to use either (1/4 or ˝ inch neck threaded switches) All sold by ACS

·        Circuit exit hole to be drilled by builder / installer per application

·        Compact size: Handle Measures 2.9” x 2.4” x 1.87”

·        Light Weight : Empty less than 8 oz.

·        Pre Drilled & Tapped 10-32 Mounting Holes on Bottom

o   Additional Mounting hole can be drilled on the side if required

·        Can be easily installed on any Throttle arm in use or new

·        Hard Coat Mil Spec BLACK anodize finish for durability


 As a prior military pilot I always understood the benefits of HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick). There is a much higher level of safety and controllability of the aircraft when your hands are already on or near primary electronic function controls.


I am a commercial Instrument Helicopter and Multi Engine Airplane Pilot. I spent time as an Army Test pilot and quickly understood how fast things can go wrong and the need to keep flying the aircraft instead of reaching around trying to throw switches and reset Alarms and Master Caution lamps. Currently I own and fly a Long EZ aircraft and have done my best to keep as many electrical functions/switches on my control grip as possible.


This part is a Multifunction throttle handle that can be retrofitted on to almost any aircraft throttle arm with a small piece of aluminum flat stock and a couple rivets. The handle provides an ergonomically correct feel as well as functionality. It will house and support from 5 basic electrical functions to at least 10 by just adding DPDT switches.


This unit is produced and sold exclusively through ACS  



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