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The pilot seat of N55GR is 30 degrees reclined. The bird is full IFR equipped with dual Nav and Coms. Glide slope localizer and marker beacon. She has two moving maps, GPS Garmin 250XL and a Trio EZ autopilot coupled to the GPS and EFIS. The stick is out of an F-16 it is full functional with speed brake, x-mit, x-ponder ident, trim and remote frequency select. As a prior military pilot I like the HOTAS concept (Hands On Throttle And Stick). She also has forced air heat and heated leather seats for the cold Michigan days. Rear seat has flight controls and is also heated. The intercom system is wired for full stereo output with mp3 and CD inputs for those long trips.


Your looking at the pilot view from left to center to right. These pictures were taken coming back from new jersey. The day was just perfect.

On the left is Dunlap airport. On the right is a flight of three of us getting ready to depart from Ann Arbor Airport, MI.

You're looking at two pictures of N7VN. The one on the right was a great shot from above. It almost blends into the snow covered field below her.

These pictures were taken from N7VN. On the left is the eastern lower Michigan coast line off Lake Erie. On the right your looking North up the mouth of the Detroit river from Lake Erie

Gary doing some cloud surfing on the left. The right picture is a shot of Harry Manvel's Rutan Defiant on the way to Rough River Ky.

That's Gary and Bill standing in front of N7VN. The picture on the right is also of Gary. Bill was the GIB (Guy in Back)

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