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Everything stated on this page is my personal opinion and experience:

This man is no canard finder, he is an individual that takes advantage of people excited and ready to purchase a Canard type aircraft. His motives to help are financially driven. If there is no financial gratification this man isn't interested. Your just a means to collect a check.

I felt I needed to inform others about this guy before someone either gets hurt or killed purchasing an airplane he represents. David Orr / Beagle as he likes to call himself in the third person is a con artist. He knows nothing of the airplanes he represents. He has no idea who built them, the history, the quality of the work or even if they are airworthy. Most of the time they aren't even for sale because his list is so old.

What Beagle does is hand out a list of outdated canard planes for sale that his past customers have put together in their search. Then he asks that you update the list as you call around to see if the planes are even still for sale. As one of his past customers did to create the list your now using. Keep in mind he is charging you a 3 to 6% finders fee for doing his work. David makes no phone calls, he doesn't come out and look at the plane he never contacts the owner / seller and he has no idea what condition the aircraft is even in. That is why he has not been found liable for the crap that people have purchased. He distances himself from the sale. You do all the leg work, phone calls, Emails, picture swapping, flights to see the aircraft, event the paperwork. When your all done Beagle will ask for his finders fee. He has done zero to earn it. In addition, you will have updated his list and logged information he can hand off to the next guy looking for a canard six months to a year from now.

I can't prove it but when David Orr took advantage of me on my canard purchase he had one of his friends do the pre-buy inspection. I didn't know any better, I was new to this and very excited to be purchasing a canard aircraft. I had no idea what was in-store for me. I had no idea the plane wasn't airworthy or safe to be flow. I am sure David and his pre-buy inspecting buddy already new this. But his buddy approved the pre-buy inspection with flying colors and I believe David and his friend split the commission afterwards. It wouldn't have mattered if I died in that aircraft 30 minutes after they approved the pre-buy and collected the commission. David Orr has no morals and could care less. He is interested in one thing, your money. Not your safety, not your well being and certainly not your happiness for the new aircraft you just purchased. If there is no financial gain David isn't interested.

My aircraft had a failed engine. All compression under 60 psi, as low as 40 psi in one cylinder. A cam lobe was completely gone in the engine worn off. The gear leg was cracked 18 inches up the middle and both gyros were shot along with the transponder. Yet, his EAA inspector buddy passed it with flying colors and even let me buy him a steak for doing so. When I told David/Beagle about the issues he could care less. I had no recourse because David's name was never connected with the plane. I had made all the phone calls, done the leg work and done all the coordination and taken care of the paperwork. David understands how all this works. He works in law. He knows how to manipulate you out of your hard earned money. His only interest in you is a fee. Your a free pay-check to him, he never meets you in person and he's all done with you when he gets paid.

If I was looking for a canard airplane I would post it on the canard aviators group and look on Barnstormers, Trade-a-plane and Aircraft for sale magazines. You will find anything Beagle can offer plus more. In addition, you won't have him hounding you for 3 to 6 percent finders fee for doing nothing. This guy is no more than a tick that will try sucking the cash out of you if given the opportunity. Stay clear of his pathetic attempts to do nothing for you.

Stay Clear of this guy. Buy the way the plane he's leaning against he crashed.

This is a link to Beagles web page:

He leads you to believe he was a pilot in the USAF. If he was I don't see the Integrity of an Officer!

He states he doesn't inspect planes but he will find you someone. This is how he keeps himself free of liability. He acts like a broker but doesn't do any of the work a broker does or attach his name to the sale paperwork.

Everything else on his page is just FLUFF. He can pick the right plane for you, He may have a picture on file, he may know how long its been for sale. He can type up a liability contract that will ease the SELLERS concerns.

Go ahead and read the page yourself. He offers nothing of substance or direct involvement. He can't because if he did he would have to take responsibility for the tens of thousands of dollars in damages people must pay for in defective and un-airworthy aircraft.

David can do a lot of things when it comes to canard aircraft but watching out for your safety or financial interest aren't included.

I've had my experience with this man. If you feel lucky as they say, take your best shot with him. Don't say you were not warned about this Beagle Tick before you let him take your money for doing nothing.

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